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Here, for your enjoyment, are the spawn.co.uk Frequently Unasked Questions.


Q. So, what is the deal with this little site?

A. Well, it used to be a place where I would assemble a collection of funny things that were emailed to me during my time in the sixth form (when I was still popular).

Q. Where is all of the funny stuff now?

A. I still have it all somewhere, but I've taken it off the site since the need for it seems to have diminished somewhat since we all grew up (most of us anyway) and left school. I intend to create something a little more original to go in its place. I'm just not sure what it will be, or when it will happen.

Q. Why 'spawn'?

A. This developed out of the rumour that transpired in the sixth form amongst a select few people (you know who you are!) all of whom decided that I was in fact the spawn of the devil. This was consequently printed as my nickname on my tee shirt for our trip to Newquay in August of 1999.

Q. So are you evil then?

A. Actually, no. I am something of a self-confessed geek, but I am certainly not evil.

Q. I think I might have a good idea for your site. Can I contact you?

A. Sure! Send your ideas using this e-mail form and I'll check them out.