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Opt Outs

Whats up with this?

Consider it the result of a pet peeve. We find pop-up/pop-under advertisments deceitful and annoying. If anyone honestly wanted these products or services, they would would find them on their own.

There are a number of ways to stop this intrusive form of advertising. There are software programs that nip the problem in the bud by disabling additional instances of your browser. This is okay until you have a legitimate reason for having multiple windows open. Another method is to seed your HOSTS file with the addresses of ad servers. It works but its messy often resulting in the popups displaying with an error message.

Another method is through opt out cookies. A cookie is a small file that resides on your computer contains information about how you wish to interact with a website. Most adserver companies offer optout cookies, finding them can be a tedious process.

The drawback to opt out cookies are: Cookies are computer and browser specific. They tell the adserver to disable the popup only for the computer that the cookie lives on. If the user employs both Netscape and IE they will need cookies for both browsers. (This goes for any other browsers that may be used like Opera, etc). Cookies expire. They may be set to expire in a day, month, year or any period of time. X10 expires their cookie after thirty days. Most adservers do not list life of the cookie. This means that once the cookie expires you will need to opt out again to receive another one.

Despite the drawbacks to optout cookies; these are the easiest, cleanest way to stop the ads at their source. All you need to do is click a link and it's done. There are many adservers in use today. As we acquire more opt out links we will post them here.